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Video depositions in Orlando started 20 years ago. I had already been in the audio/video production business for about 10 years when my “mentor” friend called. (He was in the middle of discovery for a big legal case he was working on.) He mentioned that he had a video deposition in Orlando that had just been given to him by another video deposition company and there was no audio! He asked if I had any legal deposition experience? I told him, no, but that I was trainable, since I already knew the ins and outs of recording.  So, I immediately went to work by consulting with another litigation lawyer friend as well as a couple of court reporters that I knew to familiarize myself on the legal video side of things.  And after a few weeks of study also following a major purchase of some audio and video equipment, I went to work.

I will admit that I was a bit nervous through the first few recording of legal testimonies, but finally got the hang of it. Fortunately, at no one else’s expense!

Now, with over 20 years of experience we can share  a plethora of our first hand experiences and I take pride in providing quality legal and deposition video services in Orlando.





With impeccable talent for producing audio and video commercials, a natural eye towards business matters and drive to succeed, founder Wayne Osley had over 10 years’ in the radio/tv business before forming Orlando Video Depositions. He’d discovered over the years that the never-ending process of “find commercial”, “finish commercial”, “repeat”, was getting old. He wanted to focus on the videography end of  business, not spend all his time seeking sitting behind a computer.



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